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How hard is your money working to make you rich?

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See for yourself how your money will grow. Numbers don’t lie. To see what % of returns you could be making by letting me invest for you, just take the Profit (in pips) above, divide it by 240 and multiply it by 4. That will then give you the % of returns by which your money would have grown. Results is the name of the game!

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KapitalisFX‘s Strategy Description:

I trade manually with my own live account using a Trading Strategy based on the current prevailing Market Sentiment. I always trade with the trend (not against it) and my Edge is in my ability to select the correct currency pairs to trade each day. My goal is at least 15% – 25% ROI per year (900 – 1500 pips profit per year, where 240 pips = 4% capital risk), with a Maximum Capital Drawdown of 20%. This Strategy is aimed at growing your capital slowly without any major fluctuations in your capital balance, using low to moderate risk. Minimum Account Balance: $300 (Recommended: At least $1000). Always remember: “Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to investing, you just need to stay disciplined and have a long term focus during both the winning and losing streaks”



Invest With Me for FREE in just 2 Easy Steps:


1. Register & Fund your own Live Follower Account on ZuluTrade at

Select our Recommended Broker AAAFx when opening your account.

Fund your account with at least $300, although I would recommend funding your account with $1 000 or more.

2. Follow KapitalisFX at so that I can grow your money at a return of 15% – 25% per year, while you sleep.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at