What does “Wealth” mean to you?

Does it mean more money? More time? More health? More mobility? More options? Or just freedom, in every sense of the word?

For me, Wealth means having freedom! Freedom not only to enjoy the finer things in life, but freedom to be able to spend my time however and wherever I feel fit. To not be bound in any one place if I don’t want to be, to be able to travel the world, to be able to spend time with my family and friends, to be able to play tennis whenever I want and for as long as I want, to not have to wake up to an alarm, but to rather be awoken by an inner fire that can’t wait to get started with the new day, because I am living out my passion in life.

For me, TIME is the Ultimate Form of Wealth. But in order to be able to fully experience that free time, it is for me equally important to be healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually. But having good health, freedom to do what you want, when you want and where you want is not enough for me. I strongly feel that the only way to truly be content in life is to use that free time in pursuit of a worthwhile goal! Definitely not a monetary goal! No, that worthwhile goal is a goal in which you use your natural talents to better the lives of others! Only then will you truly feel that you matter and only then will you truly feel an unlimited supply of happiness.


I am Arno SnydertInvestor & Speculator

I am passionate about:

  1. Helping others better manage their personal finances so they can escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom, by just applying the few simple wealth principles discussed in my easy-to-follow books and online video courses, and
  2. Investing other people’s money alongside my own (for FREE) in some of the best companies in the world, in order to let people’s money do the work for them, rather than them having to work hard for their money.


Financial Freedom (and escaping the rat race) is very important to me. My goal in life is not only to achieve financial freedom myself, but more importantly to help others achieve financial freedom, so that they can live a life of abundance.

To me, Financial Freedom means having the time, health and money to be able to follow your heart in life and spend your time doing what you love. In my opinion, achieving Financial Freedom is the fastest way to creating a better world for everyone to live in, because once you don’t need to worry about money anymore then you can finally focus all of your energy on the things that really matter in life.

Let Me Help You escape the rat race and live life the way life was meant to be lived – Making a difference in the lives of others by using your unique gifts that were stowed upon you for a reason!


How I can help you?

Invest with me (for FREE) in the world’s best companies:

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Enroll in my 2-hour Online Video Course:

[in English] Passive Income: Financial Freedom in 20 Years or Less

[in Afrikaans] Passiewe Inkomste: Finansieel Vry in Minder as 20 Jaar

Or Read my Books to learn how:

[in English] Passive Income Book

[in Afrikaans] Passiewe Inkomste Boek





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